Cashmere Ukulele Group

The Cashmere Club
50 Colombo Street
The Cashmere Lounge
New Zealand

We meet Thursday nights at 7.00 p.m. until 9.00 p.m. with a break at 8.00 p.m. for refreshments and a chat.

The meeting room is The Cashmere Lounge, northeast corner of the building,
south side entrance door – note the room change.
The club is on the east side of Colombo Street towards the Port Hills,
south of the Library.

There will be a $2.00 entry fee.

Everyone is welcome, preferably with a ukulele although we have a variety of other instruments such as guitars, violins, harmonicas etc. Primarily though, we are a ukuleleĀ group.

Songs we sing are on this site and you can print off your copy to bring with you. A print version of all the songsĀ can be ordered at the meeting, at cost.


The songs we play are under the Songs tabs on the menu bar. Each page has 40 songs in groups of 10 for ease of editing and printing. The books are made up with 100 songs each.


These are found by clicking on Cover & Indexes.

Downloading – One way is to Right click on the title of the song, then use the option “Save link as” and save to a suitable folder on your computer.

Printing – Alternatively left clicking on the individual song title required and then printing in normal way. With some printers, put the printed song back in the printer and print the next song on the back i.e. print page 1 and page 2 on the back – lower odd number, higher even numbered pages.


Check the Links page for Techniques and Performances by members.