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Links to songs and other interesting items. Also see the Background to Songs page at the bottom of the Songs menu.

The Muse Community Music Trust
The Muse Community Music Trust, where everyone can make music.
We are a charitable trust based in Christchurch, New Zealand, dedicated to making music accessible to all people, regardless of age, financial circumstances, experience or ability.

The Nelson ukulele group. There are a lot of links on their Links page. A warning, you could easily spend an evening or more going through them all. They also have 5 song books of songs on their site.

Song books
Links to nearly two dozen ukulele song books.

The Ukulele Directory
Links to festivals and clubs in Australasia, plus music sources, etc.


Included here, links to techniques that you might like to try or that we have mentioned on a Thursday at Silverbacks.


‘Spanky’ Gutierrez’s Blog – Finger Style PDF
Introduction to Finger Style Ukulele. “There are many ways to play the ‘ukulele. One of the most satisfying for me is to pluck the strings.”

Travis Picking

Travis Picking tutorial 1 by Mike Lynch.

Travis Picking tutorial 2 by Mike Lynch.

“TRAVIS” PICKING – A classic picking pattern from the Folk Era by Mike Lynch.

Ukulele Secret #2: Folksy Fingerstyle Travis picking by Tim Keough, “ukulelesecrets”.

Ukulele Blues Fingerpicking Lesson for Beginners: Pattern #1 by Brett McQueen.


C-F chords PDF
G-B chords PDF
Ukulele Chords doc
Ukulele Tabs and Chords with a wealth of information including How to read strumming patterns and Strumming patterns and much, much more.
For finding lots of finger positions up and down the fretboard go to
Ukubuddy. To step through the different positions for a chord, use the arrows between the winders (to the left of the fret board).