Updates to Songs

The original list of updates has been deleted because all of the songs in Books 1 & 2 have been edited, some minor, others have been replaced with new songs.

However, even the latest songs have updates –

12 June

191 Tequila Sunrise The instrumental should read:
Am, D, Bm, E, Am, B, Em7, Am// (keep in your head the following two lines and it works…..)

186 Rhythm of the Rain Instructions between the 2 boxes 3/4 way down page, should read “Repeat Verse II followed by Instrumental over Verse II then. . .” and if people are interested you could let them know that the G followed by G7 at the end of Line 2 verse one and Line 1 in Verse II should be two beats on each (i.e. they combine to make one bar of 4 beats).

168 Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head Remove G7 from end of 5th line from the top and place an arrow to note the first beat of the G7 bar comes before the singing starts in the Bridge (and change this to read “CHORUS rather than Bridge…. (A Bridge is a one off section whereas a Chorus is repeated within the song)

158 Gentle on my Mind Remove the G from the 1st line of the second verse – not sure how that came to be there!!!!!.

28 May

69 Stuck in the Middle With You – in the CHORUS the D in the second line should be over “am” not over “stuck”.
BRIDGE G7 should replace the first D on the first line of the Bridge
On the 3rd line of the bridge the G7 should be at the beginning of the line – i.e. over “And”.
The G7 over the second “Please” should be Am7 (open strings for ukes) or an A7 will be fine also…… followed by 4 bars on D.

144 It’s A Heartache – 2nd last line delete the Em over “fool” and insert Em over the gap after the first comma, then delete the F over “cold” and insert an F past the 2nd comma.

191 Tequila Sunrise
The Instrumental is from the two lines below that. (Update 8/6/18) Remove  the B7 in the Instrumental.

17 May

118 “Pokarekare Ana” – I have corrected the spelling (The Header was different from the song)

192 “The Leaving Of Liverpool” – I have added the word “Chorus” after Verses II and III

193 “Midnight Special” There are a few alterations: so here we go:
A) remove the word “Song” from the 2nd line of the Title

B) added a Suggested Strum : 1 2 & 3 & 4 &

C) added to header “Creedence Clearwater Revival Version”

D) Verse I, second line, should read “table, you see the same old thing” with A over ‘t” of “thing”

E) added an underline to the last phrase on the last line of the Chorus “ever loving light on me”.
F) Outro: should read “repeat chorus slowing on underlined phrase”
G) Added “Chorus” at end of Verse II
H) Verse III – In the first line the D should be over H of Houston and the A should be over “r” of “right”
2nd line – E7 should be over gamble and A should be over f of fight and add the words “at all” to the end of that line –
– 3rd line,  add a comma after “ya”, and A should be over “d” of “down”
– last line on the page …. A should be over “b” of “bound” and the exclamation mark should be removed after the “Oh” and therefore a lowercase “y” for “you”.
– Verse III also has “Chorus and Outro” written after it.

“I know some of these are necessities for you to mark up and some are pedantic – I’ll take that on my shoulders!”- Lyn

194 “This Train is bound for glory” Verse 4 Please REMOVE the “D” from the first line and in the second line the “D” should be over G for Great and “D7” should be over “a” of “a new day”

198 “Will You still Love Me tomorrow” Please add a C7 at the end of Verse 2 (This is the transition chord taking you to the F in the Bridge).

199 “Killing Me Softly” Last line on the page should read (Chorus and Outro….)

5 May

41 new words now that the meeting place has changed.
46 chord changes and removal

58 last line “…omit Riff at end of Chorus when repeating.”
94 last line of chords, “A7 (slowing)” i.e. “slowing” placement moved left.